Celeste Allison Trio

Self-Titled CD review

Celeste Allison Trio wins

Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival

Play-in Contest

Raised from the fervent, musical soil of Kalamazoo,

The Celeste Allison Trio is an enigmatic collective

that drums up a unique sonic sensation.

Employing sophisticated harmonies and an improvisational aura, the trio wields its dynamic musicianship in a lush acoustic manner.

Subtle electronic trappings also play a part, floating around reflective, and at times humorous lyrics.


After striking a friendship at the Kalamazoo Academy

of Rock, Celeste Allison and Adam Main joined forces with Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra bassist Anders Dahlberg in 2018 to perform around West Michigan as a versatile alternative-folk collective.


The trio’s most recent release, a self-titled exploration of tones and textures that range from

up-tempo grooves to intimate songs of love and loss

was released in November of 2019.

Recorded in a single weekend, the album features

warm guitars that dance around hypnotic bass lines while Celeste’s dynamic voice displays

delicate whispers, intensified roars,

and every timbre in-between. 


Other nuances include tastefully sparse percussion

and bright electric guitar flourishes.

Celeste’s vocal brilliance shines equally

with her subtle layers of backing vocals that drift in and out of focus, flowing seamlessly from song to song. Drawing listeners close with intimate interpretations of pop and jazz stylings, the trio unveils stories that connect with listeners both live and on record. 


The band plans to continue supporting the album

with engaging live performances throughout the region and is currently working on a sophomore record with plans to release in the summer of 2020.

- Ricky Olmos, LocalSpins.com

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